7th Street Wheat

Wheat | 4.5% ABV | 12 IBU
Availability: Year-Round

When it came time to make a wheat beer, we decided to make something with a strong sense of place. This would be our summer beer, so it needed to be exceptionally light and refreshing (which you’ll understand if you’ve ever lived through a New Orleans summer). The same sense of place is reflected in the fresh lemon basil we add post fermentation. It grows year-round in New Orleans backyards, and we use it to impart a light citrus taste with a subtle herbal hint. Finally, we named the beer after the 7th Street Wharf across the street from the brewery. 7th Street Wheat was an instant hit and the once summer seasonal has earned a spot in our year-round lineup.

Tasting Notes

Filtered American-style wheat ale. Light bodied and refreshing. Citrus and herbal notes from fresh lemon basil added after fermentation. Pairs nicely with almost any seafood dish.

4.5% ABV | 12 IBU
Availability: Year-Round





Available In

1/2 BBL Keg
1/6 BBL Keg
12-oz Can 6-Pack

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