NOLA Funk Series

Wild Ales | Varied ABV

At NOLA Brewing, we loved sour beers before they were cool. They’ve long been among our favorite beers to drink, and Derek, our Director of Funk, has been brewing them at home for years. Sours and other wild ales are not easy to make. It must be done in a separate facility using separate equipment, lest the wild yeasts get their claws in your existing equipment and make every beer you brew henceforth a wild yeast beer. Also many of them are barrel aged, which adds time and expense. But these kinds of beers are awesome! And as they began catching on among beer lovers around the world, New Orleans demanded and deserved sours and wild ales of their very own! So we made the NOLA Funk Series.



Named for its low pH (and the street in uptown New Orleans), Lowerline is our baseline sour beer. Fermented completely with lactobacillus, this beer’s lack of brewers yeast gives it earthy, fruity, funky flavors. Unblended Lowerline has a spicy, funky nose, followed by mouth-puckering sour and a funky and fruity finish.



Named for the street in the Bywater, Piety Ale is Cherry Pie mixed to a bounce beat. Its blend of lactobacillus and brettanomyces make Piety sour and funky, while the red wine barrel aging and tart cherries show off its sweet and sassy side.



The wild side of pale, Sauvage is Rebirth Pale Ale base fermented with the Dirty Dozen Brett Blend (ECY34) entirely in French Oak barrels, resulting in woody and earthy notes. Sauvage is finished with not one but two encores of dry hopping. Because of the high level of aroma hopping, this beer is best enjoyed fresh, in good company, while getting a little wild.



Inspired by peach lemonade on the porch after a hot summer day, Arabella is sour fermented with 100% lactobacillus and peach puree to give it refreshing peach aroma. Arabella is sweet at first glance but incredibly tart, funky and complex once further acquainted.


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